FasTrac 400 Cement

Extendable Cement with High Early Strength Gain

FasTrac 400 cement is a one-component, rapid setting, low shrinkage, extendable cement that is used when high early strength gain is required. FasTrac 400 Cement is mixed with aggregate and water on site for large scale horizontal concrete repairs and form and pour vertical applications.


• Rapid Setting Cement; Structures can be opened in 2-3 hours
• Shrinkage compensation minimizes cracking from drying shrinkage
• Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw
• Excellent workability
• Mix designs created to meet/exceed your needs

Approx. 3 yards per bulk-bag/super sack but largely dependent upon aggregate proportion.

50# bag
2000 lb bulk bags

Shelf Life
12 mos. properly stored

Store and transport in clean, dry conditions.

Application Temperature Range
40° F to 90° F (Hot weather placement procedures recommended above 90° F; Cold weather placement procedures recommended below 50° F)

Where to Use

  • Airport runways
  • Concrete slab replacement
  • Bridge deck repair
  • Parking decks
  • Horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Interior or exterior
  • Dowel Bar Retrofit

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