FasTrac ReSurfacer


FasTrac ReSurfacer is a two-component, rapid setting, low shrinkage mortar that is used to overlay existing pavements and floors. FasTrac ReSurfacer is mixed with polymer and water on site, and is placed with suitable placement equipment and finished to the desired texture. For applications thicker than 1-inch, the mortar should be extended with 3/8-inch aggregate.

Concrete Resurfacing Road Bridge Deck


  • Rapid Setting; Structures can be opened for pedestrian traffic in less than 1 hour, vehicular traffic in less than 3 hours
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Low permeability and improved overall durability
  • Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw
  • Excellent workability

Yield of 60-lb bag:
1/8-in         ~40 Sq. ft.
1/4-in         ~20 Sq. ft.
1/2-in         ~10 Sq. ft.

2000-lb bulk bag or 60-lb bag

Shelf Life
12 mos. properly stored

Store and transport in clean, dry conditions.

Application Temperature Range
40° F to 90° F (Hot weather placement procedures recommended above 90° F; Cold weather placement procedures recommended below 50° F)

Where to Use
  • Resurfacing of floors and pavements
  • Adding traction to polished surfaces
  • Microtoppings/Thin bonded overlays
  • Airport runways
  • Bridge deck surfaces
  • Industrial concrete floor repair

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