FasTrac ReSurfacer Tech Data

How to Apply

Surface Preparation
Prepare the substrate by removing trash and debris. No priming is necessary, however it is advisable to wet the surface until SSD.

Early Traffic
If heavy vehicle traffic will be introduced to the surface at a very early age (24 hours or less), then it is advised to scarify the surface to ensure adequate bond.

Surface Defects/Blemishes
To avoid blemishes from the substrate reflecting to the surface, it is necessary to repair defects prior to placing the mortar. Use FasTrac ReSurfacer for best results.

When using 60-pound bags, begin by placing approximately 2.5 quarts of the liquid into the mixer. Add the mortar mix into the mixer and begin mixing. Add the remaining liquid to the mix slowly, so the mortar wets out evenly. Mix for 2-3 minutes until consistency is achieved. If more fluid consistency desired, add up to but no more than 0.5 quart of water to the blend.

No curing necessary. Protect fresh mix from traffic until the surface is strong enough to withstand loads without scarring

Clean Up
Clean tools and equipment with clean water immediately after use. Cured material must be removed mechanically.

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