Repair Mortars

Choose from three types of FasTrac repair mortars:

FasTrac ReSurfacer is a two-component, rapid setting, low shrinkage mortar that is used to overlay existing pavements and floors. Learn more…

  • Rapid Setting; Structures can be opened for pedestrian traffic in less than 1 hour, vehicular traffic in less than 3 hours
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Low permeability and improved overall durability
  • Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw
  • Excellent workability

FasTrac Vertical/Overhead Mortar with a single component, polymer-modified, cement-based mortar for repairing deteriorated structural concrete. Learn more…

  • Polymer-modified
  • Non-sag, low slump
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Thermally compatible one component
  • Increases durability and freeze-thaw resistance; excellent adhesion; improves flexural strength
  • Hangs 2 inches (51mm) in one lift vertically & overhead; increases job-site productivity
  • Stable bond line’ resists perimeter cracking
  • Prevents delamination caused by temperature changes
  • Factory-controlled polymer-to-cement ratio; ready to use; easily mixed with water on the job-site

FasTrac Shotcrete is a high performance, one component pre-blended, silica fume enhanced, cement based product. This product is designed to be used for wet or dry spraying process. Learn more…

  • Significantly reduced rebound
  • Chemically controlled expansion
  • Low permeability