FasTrac Silos

Silo-Concrete-CementFasTrac Silos are an excellent alternative to cement storage pigs because you can fill the silos while feeding the batch plant at the same time. Keep operations moving! FasTrac Silos also provide automated unloading into the batch plant which provide labor savings and seamless operation of the plant.

Maintaining consistent, uninterrupted material  feed is essential to maintaining high volume concrete production. FasTrac Silos help you maintain cement feed to your batch plant with less human effort, enabling you to focus on concrete production with greater efficiency.

Features and benefits:

  • 225 ton capacity
  • Vertical orientation has smaller footprint
  • Easier to locate closer to the batch plant for improved control of air pressure and flow rates
  • Can load the silo without stopping production for improved plant efficiency
  • No need to schedule after-hour deliveries of cement
  • Western Material & Design can also supply cement