FasTrac Grouts

Choose from four types of grouts:

FasTrac Infinity is a rapid setting, non-shrink, multipurpose cementitious grout for horizontal concrete patching, doweling, anchoring and grouting. Learn more…

  • Fast Setting, allows for return to service in as little as 1 hr
  • Polymer Modified for outstanding bond
  • Easy to use, just add water
  • Excellent freeze/thaw durability
  • Low shrinkage minimizes cracking

FasTrac HP Grout is a hydraulic-cement based, precision, non-shrink, load-bearing grout having an extended working time up to 30 minutes under fluid condition.  It’s used for machinery and equipment bases, windmill turbines, generators, compressors, rolling mills, bridge seats, guard rails, sign posts and more. Learn more...

  • May be mixed to plastic, flowable and fluid consistencies for easy application.
  • Very high compressive and flexural strengths
  • High modulus to ensure proper load transfer
  • Non-shrink ensures proper load transfer

FasTrac NS Grout is a high performance, non-shrink, cement grout that meets or exceeds all requirements of the Corps of Engineers CRD C-621 and ASTM C-1107. Learn more...

  • Non-shrink
  • High tolerance
  • High strength performance
  • Flowability

FasTrac AquaGrout is a high precision, non-shrink, natural aggre-gate, cementitious grout designed to be mixed and placed for underwater or tidal zone grouting applications. Learn more…

  • Applications requiring grout to be pumped
  • Contains high quality, well graded aggregates for high strength and workability
  • Sulfate resistant
  • Positive expansion for maximum durability and adhesion
  • Extended work time for ease of placement
  • Free of bleeding and segregation
  • Anti-washout formula available upon request